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The Home Delivered Meals Program or "Meals on Wheels" is funded primarily through donations and Home Community Care Block grant funds awarded by Upper Coastal Plain Council of Governments.  The main goal of this program is to provide a minimum of 1/3 of the daily recommended dietary allowances established by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Science.

The first route began in Woodland in September of 1984.  Subsequent routes have been added to include Seaboard, Garysburg, Jackson, Rich Square, Conway, Severn, Milwaukee, Gaston, Henrico and Galatia. Hot meals are delivered by volunteers for lunch Monday through Friday each week, except holidays.

Home Delivered Meals eligibility:

    • Participant must be age 60 or above.
    • Person must be home bound; i.e., does not leave home except for medical or health related reasons.
    • There is no adult living in the home or area able and willing to prepare meals.
    • The person must be unable to participate in the congregate nutrition program.
    • The individual agrees to be at home to receive the meal.
    • The person must reside in a home setting and not currently enrolled in any care-providing program or facility, including daycare.
    • All special dietary meals can be met by the meals available.
    • Participant must have physician's certification to receive meals.
    • Income level does not influence eligibility.

In order to begin receiving meals, participants must go through an assessment to determine eligibility. 


Interested in becoming a volunteer?  Contact: 

Christina Daye  (252) 534-5841 ext. 6052


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